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Humanistic Principles

Organizational Performance



Organizational Systems and Design

Social Systems

Emerge ready to serve as a confident, competent, and compassionate future executive, consultant, researcher, or educator.

The DBA program is built to prepare students for business unusual. Rather than accepting and maintaining traditional systems and standards, Saybrook DBA students are encouraged to challenge assumptions and bias about what business can be and re-evaluate priorities in the field in favor of disruptive innovation. DBA graduates will be prepared to help organizations develop stronger bottom lines while contributing to a brighter future.

Course Requirements

Residential Requirements

Participation in twice-annual, 5-day face-to-face residential conferences is required until enrollment in dissertation begins (i.e., until after the completion of the 3 candidacy qualifying essays and successful completion of the essay oral exam).

Course Requirements

The courses are taken in a prescribed sequence. All courses are 3 credits. Coursework must be evaluated as equivalent to B or better at the graduate level to earn credit

Course Participation

Satisfactory “class attendance” in online courses requires students to log into the University’s online course site multiple times during the week to participate in discussions and other learning activities. Course syllabi indicates their specific participation requirements.

Sample Courses

HM 7438 Human Resource Leadership
This course integrates theory and practice to comprehend and resolve organizational management problems using holistic systems approach to operational analysis and application of the core humanistic principles.

HM 7440 Leadership and Global Challenges
This course provides an in-depth review of research and practice relevant to achievement of the quadruple bottom line in rapidly evolving global conditions faced by businesses. Students assess domestic and international social, political, and economic landscapes, as well as the impact of technology on the globalized business environment

HM 7442 Marketing Planning and Organizational Strategy
This course provides an overview of contemporary marketing strategies aimed at serving the needs of the firm’s clientele and stakeholders while achieving the triple bottom line. Students examine a variety of principles, theories, and practice relevant to marketing management, including trends in Internet marketing, social media, and data mining.

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